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Exact Marketing Strategies

Turn Up The Profits On Your Web Business Using These Innovative,
Easy To Put Into Action Marketing Secrets!

If you're going to start Internet Marketing now or in the near future...
Then this may be the most important letter you'll ever read!

"Turn Up The Profits On Your Web Business Using These Innovative,
Easy To Put Into Action Marketing Secrets!"

Do you want to learn how to make your customers drool with anticipation of your next product release?
Or maybe you'd like to add some life to your already existing product...
Whatever you want to market can be marketed easily, effectively and powerfully using a few little know marketing secrets that are being revealed here for the first time ever!
If you're tired of relying on old rehashed marketing strategies, then the success of your business is below...

From: John Doetsch

Dear Friend,

Do you constantly wish you had the strategies that would push your new business start-up into the stratosphere of profits?

Are you tired of all the fluffed up, rehashed eBooks that aren't even written using factual information? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you're in for a real treat.

Today you're going to learn the Exact Internet Marketing Strategies that have not only taken my business to the next level but also the businesses of many of my clients. This is the day your marketing changes forever and becomes easy, fun and a truly exciting task that you no longer have to dread doing.

You no longer have to wonder if you have a strategy or a set of tools that actually works or may leave you laying flat on your face.

In order to gain the edge your business needs in your chosen market you need...

Strategies That Aren't Wide Spread & Are Working Incredibly Well Behind The Scenes!

Sure, there are hundreds, even thousands of courses on how to market your business on the Internet out there with more being released even as we speak, but almost all of them say the same thing.

The harsh reality is that only a small handful of people have ever had anything original to say on the subjects of online marketing and all of the rest of these so called "gurus" have read their materials and found a way to rehash 100 pages worth of their information in their own words.

This obviously doesn't help you.

You don't want to purchase a course to find out that you just paid $97 for an eBook that has 60 pages of content the author just reworded from another course!

It's hard to know which courses are worth their salt online because there are thousands of "wanna be" marketers that are selling information that just doesn't work and they don't care about their customers.

It's a very scary field to walk across when making choices on strategic marketing courses to grab so you really need to have a...

A Proven Set Of Innovative Marketing Strategies That Are Actually Working For People Today!

Make Money Online

Make Money Online - Exact Marketing Strategies


Google Goggles

Put on Google Goggles, the only software tool that lets you see Web sites through Google's eyes!

Adwords advertisers!
(And those who wish to make easy Adwords money again…)

Put on Google Goggles, the only software tool that lets you see Web sites through Google’s eyes… and minimize Adwords bid prices to such low levels, it’ll feel like the Google Cash days of 2006 are back

Read the story of a software bundle that shouldn’t even exist because it does the seemingly impossible: It can tell you in advance, before you spend a penny on Adwords advertising, how to design your entire campaign so it will make you money!

By: Amish

Why is the Google Goggles bundle a big deal?

Well, they all said “creating a tool like Google Goggles is impossible.” (When my buddy Jörg came up with the idea, I was even one of them, if ever so briefly.)

Now, thousands of dollars later in Adwords-generated affiliate revenue, I know better:

Let me explain how these numbers came about for Larry and me... and how you can achieve similar results when you use the tools in the Google Goggles package, following these six simple steps:

Google Goggles

Google Goggles, the only software tool that lets you see Web sites through Google's eyes!



Simple Step-By-Step Blogging Profit System For Generating 4 Figure PAY CHECKS
Every Month Doing Only 2 Hours Work A Day.


"They Laughed When He Said He's Earning A 4-Figure Income From Only ONE SIMPLE BLOG.
But When He Showed Them His Checks..."

Renown Blogger Finally Reveals His Secrets to Earning $XXXX.XX/Month From A Single Blog He Set Up in Under 2 Hours That Now Runs On Autopilot 24/7!


The Secret Blogger's Cheatsheet

Blogging "Cheatsheet" Shows You How To Start Earning Money Online
By Blogging From Scratch!

Discover How A Social Worker Earned $2000 US A Month From Just One Blog

Discover How A Social Worker Earned $2000 US A Month From Just One Blog


How to Sell Your Product - Invention Or Craft To Major Retailers

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

What if you were actually able to make money off of your product idea that you’ve invented or created? 

And when I say money, I mean real money. I’m talking about being financially independent. I’m talking about having your own business.  I’m talking about having the ability to make a wonderful living simply by following a few steps and strategies.

And what if you were able to do all of this without having to rely on anyone else? What if you had the ability to sell your products to the World’s Largest Retailers, without any previous sales experience, and without any existing relationships with Buyers?

The reality is that it IS possible to sell to the World’s Largest Retailers without ANY previous sales experience, without existing buyer relationships and more importantly, without the assistance of others. 

How can I make such a claim?

I’ve been selling to retailers for almost a decade. I’ve sold every type of product that you can imagine to just about every Major Chain Store Retailer. I’ve sold everything from Tech products, Fashion Accessories, Costume Jewellery, Toys, Gift items, etc… the list goes on. And what I realized quickly after I started in this business is that selling to retailers is easier than most people think. 

Why? Buyers across all categories work off of the same principles and standards. They are in the business of buying! If you have a product that you believe should be in stores, buyer’s need to know about it. It’s their job!

The only challenge most people have is figuring out HOW to get the Buyer’s attention. And if they get the Buyer’s attention, HOW do they get the Buyer to actually buy?!

And figuring out what's important to Buyer's is essential to Major Retail success.

Which is why I decided to write a step-by-step guide outlining everything a person needs to know about selling to Major Retailers. And I wrote this book with the intention of empowering anyone with a conviction to succeed (and a cool product idea) to actualise their dreams by selling their products to the World's Largest Retailers.

You see, I've been selling products to retailers for years, and I know something that most people don't...

Sell Your Product Or Invention To Big Box Retailers In 5 Simple Steps
Karen Waksman

How to Sell Your Product - Invention or Craft To Major Retailers


Strategies Revealed to Explode Your Retail Profits!

Unlock Massive Profits from Your Retail Business - Guaranteed!

Introducing The Retail Prosperity System That is Giving Small Retailers the Tools to Achieve Phenomenal Profit Growth...

Retail Owners - Learn How To Survive and Thrive - Through the Recession

  • Are you the Owner or Manager of a Retail Business?
  • Would you like a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to walk you through rapidly increasing the profits in your retail business, which you can start working on today?
  • Do you want complete and detailed information with a comprehensive Action Plan to help you eliminate the common issues that cause a Retail Business to fail?

I invite you to read this letter in it’s entirety. It is not a gimmick, nor is it trying to sell you useless software or sales training.  This is pure Retail Tips and Advice, from a genuine Retailer who has helped hundreds of Retail Owners turn their Retail Business around.

Small retail owners all over the world are struggling to stay in business during this economic turmoil. Banks aren’t so friendly with loan approvals and the general public is afraid to let go of their wallets, for fear of the tomorrow that may never come. Are you a small retail owner feeling the pinch in this economic scare?

Retailers are scrambling to find ways to generate new business, keep old customers happy, cover the weekly expenses and realize the life they thought they’d have when they went into business for themselves. Right now, it’s just not happening. Are you so discouraged by the way your entrepreneurial dreams have progressed over the last couple of years that you are actually considering shutting shop and returning to the workforce?

160,000 retail businesses went under in 2008. The ‘experts’ are predicting a further 200,000 will go under in 2009. Do you want to avoid becoming another statistic on the casualty list of the economic crisis? Do you have a burning desire to be in charge of your own financial well-being?

Do you want to.. ?

  • Thrive and Prosper through the global economic meltdown
  • Remove the stress of trying to make ends meet
  • Make more money and get balance back in your life
  • Take advantage of the massive opportunities in retail now?

Unique Retail Success Program - Earn Big $$

Retail Success Program - Unlock Massive Profits from Your Retail Business


Endless Lead Flow

Get More Annuity Leads Than You can Possibly Handle!



I will show you PRECISELY How to Get More Annuity Leads Than You can Possibly Handle!

Warning: The Page You Are About to Read Will Change Your Business and Your Life Forever.
Discover How I Made Up To $1.3 Million Dollars Per Year Selling Annuities. Keep reading!

From the Desk of Bill Broich,

Not only will I show you how to get more leads than you can handle, I will show you, step-by-step, how I closed a flood of leads into a million dollar a year super producer income.

Did you know only 5% of annuity salesman will ever get beyond a middle-class income?

That's right, most agents will do about average, some better than average, but only a few will ever breakthrough to super producer status. By super producer status, I mean, agents making at least four-hundred thousand to one million dollars plus a year.

What's the difference between the average agent and the super producer?

Before I get to that you probably want to know who in the hell I am and why I'm waxing like some Mr. Know It All. Well, first...

I've sold $105 Million in Annuity Premium...

I also happen to own the leading annuity lead generation annuity website: Furthermore, over the years, I've helped hundreds of agents discover how to breakthrough mediocrity and earn record-shattering annuity premiums.

Endless Annuity Lead Flow

Endless Annuity Lead Flow - NOTICE to all ANNUITY AGENTS!


How To Guide Book for Dentists

Referral marketing ebook shows you how to boost dental patient referrals

Attention... Dentists, Dental Team Members, Dental Marketers and Consultants!

What You Ought to Know About Getting Patients To Refer...
Doctors, Dental Marketers, and those seeking quality patients:

I'm Rita Zamora, and over the past 16+ years, I’ve worked hands-on in many dental practices and heard countless dentists and team members experience the same problems, share similar concerns and ask the same questions

  • I don’t like to ask for referrals. It makes me feel desperate.” 
  • Should we offer incentives for patients to refer?”
  • How can we persuade patients to send their friends to us?”
  • Why don’t we get more referrals?” 
  • Should we ask all patients to refer or be selective?” 
  • What is the best way to thank patients for referring?”
  • Our patients never seem to remember our referral program.
    How can we help them to remember us throughout the year without coming across as pushy or salesy?”

And while getting new patients is so important, I know that operating and managing a practice leaves doctors and managers little time for much else – especially creating an effective referral marketing program.

Not only that, but practices need more of the right kind of patients. You want quality patients, the ones who are on time, accept treatment, and pay their bills.

Perhaps you’ve tried costly advertising or marketing in the past and now you don’t know who or what to believe anymore. You just want to practice dentistry and focus on giving patients the great care and attention you know you are capable of.

Are you ready to grow new patient referrals and increase your production without spending thousands upon thousands of dollars? Right now, dental practices – just like yours- are facing many headwinds: the economy, increasing lack of dental insurance, rising costs and flattening revenue.

You know what I am talking about and you know how painful it is to pay your hard-earned money for not much return on risky external marketing campaigns. I know dentists who have invested many thousands of dollars on advertisements and television commercials and that is considered “cheap” by some big marketing firms.

You are not alone. Many practices are dealing with similar problems. In many cases, you the dentist and your team have excellent services to offer, you just need to be found.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive:

  • Learn what you must know about referral marketing and why it is important to your practice
  • Know the keys to building a practice filled with IDEAL patient referrals
  • Understand why some patients don’t refer
  • Learn the steps to develop a systemized referral program for your practice
  • Know why and how to segment A, B and C patients
  • How to invite patients to refer with friendly relationship-centered reminders
  • How to get patients to spread positive word of mouth about you and your practice
  • How to involve your team to help supercharge your referral program
  • What types of marketing tactics are by far the best way to get referrals
  • When and how to ask for referrals without sounding desperate, pushy or salesy
  • How to prevent patients from mistaking your practice as closed to new patients
  • How to re-energize a stale referral program
  • Valuable referral letters, practice scripts, images of referral cards and signage, and more

How To Guide Book for Dentists

How To Guide Book for Dentists - Dental Marketers and Consultants!


One Into a Million

Learn How to Create More Money with One Into A Million e-book!

Putting The Butterfly Effect into Practice!

You've heard of viral marketing or word of mouth marketing, social or what ever you want to call it to get the word out. This powerful book shows you many powerful and unique ways to bring about exponential growth by building self-propagating streams caused by people spreading an idea from one person to another.

Brought to you by Butterfly Reports, reports that you can give away for free and profit thru affiliate marketing. Ready to go, content filled useful reports on any subject.

Turning "One Into A Million" book is a $49 value,

Yours for a mere $3!

Just give us your name and email address so that should you have any problems, we can help.

You can have this incredible viral report for less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Yet it will bring you so much more satisfaction! "One Into A Million" will be delivered instantly right to your computer via our pdf (Acrobat Reader format) upon payment.

How To Create More Money with Viral Marketing

One Into a Million - Putting The Butterfly Effect into Practice!


Adwords Cheater

Use the Already Successful Ad Campaigns of Super Affiliates!

Why Waste Time Guessing Which Ads Convert When You Can Just Use the Already Successful Ad Campaigns of Super Affiliates?

A Quick Story

When I first started online, I bought every worthless "get rich quick scheme" available. I was working at an emergency animal hospital at night, just to earn extra cash to pay for these ebooks and courses. You know... after nearly a year I still hadn't seen one dime of profit! I was working my butt off, and just getting poorer and poorer. I was just about to throw in the towel...

That's when it hit me... If I could just get a hold of EXACTLY what the super affiliate gurus were doing, I could simply replicate it and succeed off their efforts.

Well that is precisely what my Adwords Cheater report does! I have researched and compiled mounds of successful PPC campaigns that are being run by super affiliates who are RAKING IN THE CASH on a daily basis.

I'm talking about THOUSANDS of dollars each day!

I used to pick the high gravity Clickbank products and try to promote them on Google Adwords, but I always ended up spending more on ad costs than I got in commissions... obviously, that is the exact opposite of what I was trying to do!

I thought to myself, these products are obviously selling well (hence the high gravity), but I just couldn't figure out how the super affiliates were doing it...

Here's a Freebie Secret...

Not all high gravity Clickbank products are created equal!

What do I mean by that? Simple. Many Clickbank products have high gravity almost exclusively because of email list conversions. PPC campaigns don't work for all products.

That's the Beauty of Adwords Cheater!

Adwords Cheater - Super Affiliates Exposed

Adwords Cheater - Super Affiliates Exposed


Radio Publicity Star

Get Booked On Radio & TV Talk Shows & Be Asked To Return Again!

Radio Publicity Star
Mark Kay

Be Rich & Famous with FREE Radio Advertising & Publicity

Radio Talk Show Host Breaks Silence and Reveals Industry Secrets!

"Would you like FREE Radio Advertising to Tell Millions of People About Your Business, Product, Website, Invention, Book, Blog, or Whatever?

Get My FREE Report and be 'On-the-Air' Tomorrow Morning!"

FREE Step-By-Step Report Worth $27 Shows You How-to Get ...
RADIO ADVERTISING to Sell Your Products!


  • How-to get 30 minutes OR MORE of FREE air time on MULTIPLE stations!
  • How-to get INSIDE the studio during a broadcast to promote your products!
  • How-to turn your telephone into a FREE advertising machine!
  • How-to find out in advance what radio hosts will be talking about!
  • The ONE thing you MUST do whenever you are ON THE AIR!
  • And the report is yours ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

Radio Publicity Star

Radio Publicity Star - Be Rich & Famous with FREE Radio Advertising & Publicity


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